Friday 10 May 2024:
Combo Chimbita and Pachyman Combo Chimbita and Pachyman Friday 10 May 2024

Fri 10 May 2024, 19:00 - Le Poisson Rouge, New York
.fb-1{fill:white;} .web-1{fill:none;}.web-2{fill:white;} .twitter-1{fill:white;} .ig-1{fill:white;} Described by NPR’s Alt.Latino as an "otherworldly presence," Combo Chimbita is the creative unity of Carolina Oliveros (vocals, guacharaca), Niño Lento es Fuego (guitar), Prince of Queens (bass, synthesizers) and Dilemastronauta (drums), who together transcend common concepts of time and nationality
Psychedelic Porn Crumpets Friday 10 May 2024

Fri 10 May 2024, 19:30 - Webster Hall, New York
warped imagery around the clapped-out barn, their wonky approach to music-making took root amongst the
... moved to the barn while "trying to live the bohemian life... until I ran out of internet", Psychedelic... , intuitive style followed them through to their live shows, which would see the band writing a song one... Perth resident Nick Allbrook of POND as key to his musical mindset: "Everyone calls Perth the most

Monday 1 July 2024:
Grails Grails Monday 1 July 2024

Mon 1 Jul 2024, 20:00 - Le Poisson Rouge, New York
, obscure library music, and psychedelic krautrock are indelibly imprinted, but Chalice Hymnalexudes an
... Grailsfurther into the deep end, displaying a profound resonance, both musically and emotionally. No one else

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