Live music minimal in New York

SIGNAL: An Evening of Audiovisual Art Thursday 8 August 2024

Thu 8 Aug 2024, 20:00 - Littlefield, New York
music and visual arts with each artist using different modes of technology.
Amma Ateria is an
... resulting in a minimal and hypnotizing atmosphere.
Testu Collective is an intermedia art group founded... -built instruments and synths. Their visuals are created with live video capture of natural phenomenon

Thursday 15 August 2024:
Dengue Fever Dengue Fever Thursday 15 August 2024

Thu 15 Aug 2024, 20:00 - Le Poisson Rouge, New York
’s been eight years since the release of The Deepest Lake; during this time new generations have been
... catching up to the same omnivorous music taste the band has practiced since its inception. Full-length... journey. A lot of groups working on their first new collection of songs in eight years would probably... reinventing their own music. They did a lot of writing, but also a lot of shredding. Of the 20 or so songs

Tuesday 24 September 2024:
Ivy Lab Tuesday 24 September 2024

Tue 24 Sep 2024, 20:00 - Webster Hall, New York
for experimentation in the UK bass music scene. The duo has marked their territory where leftfield
... more minimal expression of the duo. And now, their 2021 EP, Everythingmustchange, has proven that Ivy

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