Monday 15 April 2024:
Jacquees Monday 15 April 2024

Mon 15 Apr 2024, 19:00 - Webster Hall, New York
Jacquees Webster Hall , New York City, NY
Mon, April 15, 2024 | Doors 07:00 PM, Show: 08:00 PM

Wednesday 17 April 2024:
Allah-Las Wednesday 17 April 2024

Wed 17 Apr 2024, 20:00 - Webster Hall, New York
thing about it. "The Stuff," which opens the band’s fifth LP, Zuma 85, lays it out:
"I don’t listen
... days, out of the downtime of 2020-2022. For most of the band’s existence, Allah-Las adhered to a year... Mountains).
It was clear from the get go the bucolic environment-observed through picture windows... recorded but felt entirely natural. "Everything just worked," Michaud says. "That studio just pulls it out

Thursday 18 April 2024:
Real Estate Thursday 18 April 2024

Thu 18 Apr 2024, 20:00 - Webster Hall, New York
’ Golden Hour. The band reached out and spotted an instant connection despite their distinct wheelhouses

Sunday 21 April 2024:
Atmosphere Sunday 21 April 2024

Sun 21 Apr 2024, 20:00 - Webster Hall, New York
duo have built a legacy out of bringing honesty, humility and vulnerability to the forefront of their

Tuesday 23 April 2024:
Ibrahim Maalouf Tuesday 23 April 2024

Tue 23 Apr 2024, 20:00 - Webster Hall, New York
The buzz surrounding Ibrahim Maalouf’s set at last year’s London Jazz Festival marked the emergence of 'a startling new voice in contemporary jazz’ (The Guardian). A year later, the trumpeter/composer returns to the inspiration of the super-cool jazz of the 50s first explored in his 2012 album Wind, with the tonalities of Middle Eastern music adding a sublime and trance-like atmosphere.

Wednesday 24 April 2024:
Helado Negro Wednesday 24 April 2024

Wed 24 Apr 2024, 20:00 - Webster Hall, New York
Born in South Florida in 1980 to Ecuadorian immigrant parents, the world-building multi-instrumentalist Roberto Carlos Lange stitches together memories, impressions, and atmospheres to make detailed dreamscapes as Helado Negro. He produces, engineers, and mixes his own songs, literally creating and populating his own sonic world. Lange has a degree in Computer Art and Animation from Savannah Colle

Thursday 25 April 2024:
Jesse McCartney Thursday 25 April 2024

Thu 25 Apr 2024, 20:00 - Webster Hall, New York
parts vintage Hall and Oates, postmodern swag, and honeymoon sincerity packaged in that undeniable Mc

Friday 26 April 2024:
BRESH Friday 26 April 2024

Fri 26 Apr 2024, 23:00 - Webster Hall, New York

Sunday 28 April 2024:
Malcolm Todd - Moved from Racket Sunday 28 April 2024

Sun 28 Apr 2024, 20:00 - Webster Hall, New York

Monday 29 April 2024:
Ty Segall Monday 29 April 2024

Mon 29 Apr 2024, 20:00 - Webster Hall, New York
those rays yellow or hazy gray? What day is today? When are you not going to feel this way again?... : melodic arcs convulsing in doubt and bliss and rage. Busting out of the endless gridlock into open space... triggers loathing? How many more times do you have to go back there again? Pulling at the scratchy wool

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