Going out punk in Sayreville

Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls Friday 23 August 2024

Fri 23 Aug 2024, 19:00 - Starland Ballroom, Sayreville
’s been out there, playing somewhere, since 1998 and who, after starting gigging when he was 16, didn’t go
... kickstart the new year with a euphoric punk-rock clatter. And that’s exactly what he did with brilliantly...   FTHC  had a feeling of reinvigoration. A sense of coming out from under, both in terms of the pandemic... . It reminded us how fortunate we are to do what we do and to go to the places we go."
Turner will

Wednesday 9 October 2024:
Mushroomhead Wednesday 9 October 2024

Wed 9 Oct 2024, 18:45 - Starland Ballroom, Sayreville
be a side-project so they wore masks to go unrecognized, but after only a few shows they developed a
... out there. After a brief stint on Eclipse Records, a move to Universal Records saw the release of XX... decked out in matching jumpsuits and artsy masks, playing unbelievable, unsettling music. No other band... , and theatrics mixed with a punk DIY attitude has inspired and spawned other bands. Even though

Saturday 12 October 2024:
Elle King Saturday 12 October 2024

Sat 12 Oct 2024, 20:00 - Starland Ballroom, Sayreville
, play games and go toe-to-toe with the best of them so if you’re dishin’ it out around Elle, be ready to
... Buy Tickets STARSEATING Artist Information New York. London. LA. Firebrand. Punk. Renegade. Bold... monkey on a tear.
What if the story began with a banjo? With a residency trying to figure out writing... of country music.
With a tumble and King’s power-delivery, there’s no doubt about how things go

Sunday 13 October 2024:
Social Distortion Sunday 13 October 2024

Sun 13 Oct 2024, 20:00 - Starland Ballroom, Sayreville
Distortion bio - the long version could be a 10-part miniseries. But over the past 30 years, the punk
... godfathers in the band have all but trademarked their sound, a brand of hard rockabilly/punk that´s cut with... Nursery Rhymes has Social Distortion´s key components - their patented mix of punk, bluesy rock n’ roll... burn out.
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Sunday 10 November 2024:
Say Anything Sunday 10 November 2024

Sun 10 Nov 2024, 19:00 - Starland Ballroom, Sayreville
conflict:  a feisty young punk band from Hollywood formed during the birth of "hipster" elitism, always out
... awkward bipolar kid in a vaguely "indie" punk-pop band. That is the premise behind the band and the new... , Botch and Smashing Pumpkins, Say Anything dually expressed its irreverence through sing along punk and... such a pop-based "punk" band. Bemis´s openness with his bipolar disorder increased awareness of the

Tuesday 12 November 2024:
I DONT KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND ME Tuesday 12 November 2024

Tue 12 Nov 2024, 20:00 - Starland Ballroom, Sayreville
follows his wildest impulses toward a combustible sound encompassing everything from R&B to post-punk to
... the songs took a complete left turn, which made me want to go even further into a direction I never... blow out fake smoke," says Weekes. "That song came from thinking about that now as an adult and... fuzzed-out and explosive bridge.           On "iDIOTS OF Oz,"  GLOOM DIVISION  closes out with an

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