Friday 26 April 2024:
One Night of Queen Friday 26 April 2024

Fri 26 Apr 2024, 20:00 - Saint George Theatre, Staten Island
The music of Queen comes alive in One Night of Queen performed by Gary Mullen & The Works. The performance recreates and pays tribute to the greatest live band of all time, Queen, and their hit songs like...

Saturday 18 May 2024:
Bill Bellamy Saturday 18 May 2024

Sat 18 May 2024, 20:00 - Saint George Theatre, Staten Island
Drawing on his experience of growing up in Newark, Bill Bellamy is a true story-teller, combining subtle visual comedy with astute observations. With style and panache, the quick-witted comedian draws...

Thursday 30 May 2024:
Beach Boys Thursday 30 May 2024

Thu 30 May 2024, 19:30 - Saint George Theatre, Staten Island
It´s hard to believe that these guys have been delighting the world to with their legendary surf infused rock and roll for five decades since releasing "Fun Fun Fun" but there you have it. Consisting of...

Saturday 1 June 2024:
Eddie B Saturday 1 June 2024

Sat 1 Jun 2024, 20:00 - Saint George Theatre, Staten Island
In the classroom, an entire ecosystem exists, with the teacher at the top of the pyramid, or so people think... Tapping into the inner world of teachers, comedian and educator Eddie B has found his hilarious...

Friday 2 August 2024:
Happy Together Tour Friday 2 August 2024

Fri 2 Aug 2024, 20:00 - Saint George Theatre, Staten Island
The Happy Together tour heads out once again with the biggest line-up of 60s groups yet! Topping the bill are The Turtles, whose iconic 1967 number-one hit 'Happy Together' gives this tour its name. They're...

Friday 20 September 2024:
Bachman Turner Overdrive Friday 20 September 2024

Fri 20 Sep 2024, 20:00 - Saint George Theatre, Staten Island
Canadian rockers Bachman Turner Overdrive are returning right in time for their 50th anniversary. The multi-platinum award-winning group has done everything from achieving Guinness World Record to selling...

Sunday 22 September 2024:
Mary Poppins Sunday 22 September 2024

Sun 22 Sep 2024, 16:15 - Saint George Theatre, Staten Island
Based on the classic Julie Andrew-starring movie, this musical charmer follows the story of the Banks family, and how their lives are turned around by the arrival of a very unusual nanny. Featuring some...

Saturday 5 October 2024:
Priscilla Presley Saturday 5 October 2024

Sat 5 Oct 2024, 20:00 - Saint George Theatre, Staten Island
If Elvis was the King then actress and businesswoman Priscilla Presley was his Queen, with her own tales to tell of her time with the iconic singer. Join the first lady of Rock n Roll for an insightful...

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